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Create value with your data

Your business is filled with data and you create new data every second. Let us help you accelerate your business with your data.


Reporting and Data Analysis

Need help making decisions?

Data is the essential key to the success of your business. Your information system is full of data, it will help you to grow your business. 

The role of Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualisation tools such as Power BI is to create value with data.

We can assist you in setting up reports adapted to your activity.


Let's build your BI solution together!


Use case examples

The analysis of purchasing data helps to improve purchasing management by having better visibility on data relating to its suppliers and orders.

Implementing a BI solution can allow the purchasing team to monitor in real time key indicators such as average cost per order, average delivery time, on-time delivery rate, number of suppliers, the share of suppliers, etc.

These indicators make it possible to identify, for example, suppliers who do not meet delivery deadlines and take measures to remedy this. Or to monitor the evolution of the average cost per order and negotiate better prices with its suppliers.

Thanks to the BI solution, purchases are better managed and relationships with suppliers improved. This results in cost reduction and optimization of overall performance.

Understand your need

Let's analyse your needs together to better understand you and advise you on the most appropriate solution for your business

Tedious and time-consuming tasks?

Your environment is made up of many simple or

complex tools.

Simplify your work and save time by delegating time-consuming or complex tasks!

Process Automation

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Choose us

Are you hesitant to choose a partner for the processing and analysis of your data?

Working with Data SL Consulting means choosing to collaborate with a team of passionate experts. We are at your disposal to offer you innovative solutions adapted to your budget in multiple areas.

Contact us to determine together how to use your data to achieve your objectives.  

They trusted us...


Customer story

Julien P.

CEO of Modulotech Group

« Very good experience, we are very satisfied with the solution deployed and can no longer do without it! Data SL Consulting listens carefully comments at any step of the project and is always very good at giving advice.  »

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